Private events in Italy and in the world.

Un’esperienza coinvolgente capace trasformare una cena in un evento indimenticabile.

Unique evenings to experience at Silene among the scents of the Tuscan hills, but also events that know how to go beyond the borders of our peninsula to find an international dimension, where however the only protagonist is Italian cuisine, proposed in its most authentic version by a chef able to move around the world without ever forgetting where his dishes come from.

«My cuisine is Mediterranean cuisine. I love the changing seasons and I love waiting for the foods that every moment of the year can offer me "

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Silene’s private events are an opportunity to experience food in a new and unexpected way. The most original way to make any occasion a truly special moment . Each event is a story in itself, or we can tailor yours in Italy and around the world. Find out how by writing to

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