Extra virgin Il Silene.

Il vero protagonista della tavola.

A rich and vigorous oil, born from the most authentic tradition and deep knowledge of the Seggianese territory. “Il Silene” oil is not a trivial condiment, but it is the real star of the table, with recipes designed to enhance its unique properties.

A few drops of this extra virgin olive oil are enough to be able to live an unforgettable experience, made of ancient and lost flavors. An everyday product like oil made extraordinary by Roberto’s great passion, who over time has been able to create a perfect oil, which knows how to stimulate all the senses with its golden and clear color, its intriguing scent and its delicate, light taste. or medium fruity.

An extra virgin that cannot be told with words. To understand it, you can only taste it.


Unica per natura.

A cultivar with peculiar characteristics, generous and wild at the same time. These are the properties of Olivastra, an indigenous olive tree quality of Seggiano, chosen by Roberto for its production.

The Olivastra, which cannot be planted, but only grafted, gives small, juicy and abundant fruits, which grow at low temperatures and unusually high altitudes for the olive tree, where only this plant has the audacity to climb to reach exceptional dimensions. A species that grows where it wants, which generously repays those who know how to breed it with patience and skill. Only those who know in depth the characteristics of this plant can wait the twenty years it takes before reaching the finished fruit, a healthy and rich olive, grown on a plant that does not know attacks of parasites and that does not require treatments.

A unique plant by nature.


Tecniche di lavorazione capaci di garantire naturalità ed eccellenza.

After a year of patient waiting, the olive tree allows only three or four days for the olive harvest, if you want to obtain the highest quality from this fruit. The hand harvesting desired by Roberto, is the first phase of the production process, which sees in the pitting the real added value of this oil, as the violent methods of crushing of industrial crushing are avoided.

This extraction technique, which consists in the prior boning of the olives, allows the finished product to acquire characteristics of marked naturalness and maximum qualitative excellence, at the cost of a significant waste that reduces the yield of the olives by half, choosing only the pitted pulp. This is why “Il Silene” oil differs from common extra virgin olive oils. The high content of bio-nutritional and health factors, such as the significant concentrations of biophenols, polyphenols and antioxidant vitamins, make this oil an oil with exceptional organoleptic properties, which, like a good wine, should be tasted, strictly raw, immediately after opening. the bottle, not surprisingly wanted to be small.

«The story of my oil tells the agriculture of Tuscany. Each of us in Seggiano has a memory linked to the olive tree, starting from the games played by children up to the first times when they began to take you to pick olives. So you realized that you were entering the world of adults ».

«For me, oil is a different matter from all the others. We speak of heart, of life, of soul ».

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