A vegetal affair


Powerful “acqua cotta”

“I’m a historic traditional Tuscan peasant dish; my power lies in the legumes added to the original recipe, a chef’s touch! If you reheat me in the pot, add an egg in the final phase and stir gently. Place a couple of slices of toasted bread on the bottom of the dish and put me on top of them, without letting me get cold. Be generous with the pecorino cheese.”


Tuscan “pappa al pomodoro”

“My name is pappa al pomodoro (tomato and bread soup) and my home is the Maremma, but I take vacations all over Tuscany. I am the rebirth of stale unsalted bread, a crucial ingredient for my soY texture. Dressed up with the colours and scents of tomato and basil; water helps me in the long cooking time. Eat me hot or lukewarm, it doesn’t matter, but don’t forget a drizzle of raw olive oil. When you want to break the mould, add mussels and mussel water. It’s to die for!”


Legume soup

“We are a large, numerous family: broad beans, navy beans, lentils… We all come together as soup in a pot, meeting with lots of sautéed and fragrant aromatic herbs. Try us on top of some toast, and be daring with a sprinkle of chilli pepper. We’re also delectable as an accompaniment to seafood.”


Garden vegetable soup

“We are fresh seasonal vegetables made into a soup… the more of us there are, the better! Chef Roberto says that this dish is a symphony, the union between vegetables and the world of cuisine. Unlike in the past, cooking times are shorter in order to preserve aromas, colours and crispness. Eat me just as I am, or with short pasta or a few slices of toast.”


Multi Mushroom Super Soup

“Hi, we’re the mushrooms! How many of us are there? It depends on the season, of course, but as many as possible. All of us together means loads of flavour; this land has always appreciated us in a soup or relaxing on a slice of toast.”


Ribollita fiorentina

“My story has its roots in the Tuscan land, the most authentic one, that of the farmers. They are a Friday dish prepared with stale bread, kale and beans left over on Thursdays. I’m commonly called a bread soup, boiled over and over again, because this makes me more tasty (and that’s why I’m called a ribollita). I am genuine and full of substance; in this version I’ve been made without bread, but you can add it on the bottom of the plate (better if toasted). What about extra virgin olive oil? You can not miss it to complete the recipe!”


What to do?

First of all make sure that the central button of the capsule is not raised.
Pour the content directly inside a saucepan and warm up at low heat. Nothing else! Store the product in a cool and dry place, far from heat and light. Once open, store it inside the fridge and consume it within 2 days.



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Powerful "acqua cotta" – 2 servings, Powerful "acqua cotta" – 4 servings, Tuscan "pappa al pomodoro" – 2 servings, Tuscan "pappa al pomodoro" – 4 servings, Garden vegetable soup – 2 servings, Garden vegetable soup – 4 servings, Multi Mushroom Super Soup – 2 servings, Multi Mushroom Super Soup – 4 servings