A squash and juniper identity

“We are squash and juniper, and together we’ve created a single Identity. Squash provides sweetness, juniper the scent and a touch of Mediterranean underbrush on the palate. Our creaminess lends itself to being eaten with a spoon, but also to be paired with tortellini or toasted bread crumbs.”


Navy bean cream

“We are beans in a cream… and we don’t consider ourselves a poor dish! Our taste is historic and we are generous enough to welcome and exalt fish and pasta. Don’t be amazed if with a single drizzle of raw pitted extra virgin olive oil from Olivastra di Seggiano you’ll be able to understand how simplicity tastes.”


Chickpea puree

“We are chickpeas, once small and round, now a rosemary-scented cream, expertly sautéed and browned with extra virgin olive oil, garlic and an imperceptible touch of tomato. The final taste is delicate, and a slight drizzle of raw oil and a pinch of pepper are all you need to finish it off.”


Absolute onions

“Absolute, that’s what they call me. Did you know that I am deliciously fascinating too? I am rich, fragrant, tasty and indispensable in so many recipes. On your plate, I’m a super concentration of taste; I’m fine on my own, but I also love the company of small pasta shapes or an egg. I forgot… fish too!”


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A squash and juniper identity – 2 servings, A squash and juniper identity – 4 servings, Navy bean cream – 2 servings, Navy bean cream – 4 servings, Chickpea puree – 2 servings, Chickpea puree – 4 servings, Absolute onions – 2 servings, Absolute onions – 4 servings